"Sophia started a workout class challenge that pretty much covered what to eat for ones body type and desired goals. I learned how to ratio my daily diet broken into fat, carbs, and protein. Most importantly that challenge helped me not only understand how foods work, but also gave me a sustainable tools to continue to maintain my desired goals and overall wellness. I admire Sophia for almost everything she does! Makes me believe I can also create something that can change the world, one person at a time. It’s fair to say I won the challenge!! I was super excited about the win. Thank you Sophia."
Completed 6 week Challenge
"Earlier this year I decided to make a lifestyle change by deciding to take my health and diet more seriously. I reached out to Sophia and the 3 months that I kept up with everything was amazing! She’s an amazing coach! She stayed behind me every step of the way, providing constructive feedback. She takes the food you don’t eat into consideration and forms a diet that best suits you! It all starts with yourself and Sophia and her program provides that extra push you need towards the right direction. Covid got the best of me and I am looking forward to starting this program back up with her again! Trust the process and everything will fall into place!"
1:1 Client and 6 week challenge
"This weight loss Journey has been challenging and uplifting to say the least. What I’ve learned is if you change your way of thinking. It makes a world difference. After my second child I was at 165, but through my meal plan and exercising. I’m at healthy 145 pounds. Thanks to my coach @esquireinlove for teaching you can enjoy your favorite food and still be healthy. You can do this through the amount of portion of meals you eat daily. When I was able to master that piece the rest is history. I think for me it was about being patient because it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all about consistency. @esquireinlove supported me and would change my meal plan and exercise plan to best fit my lifestyle. My journey still continues. I know now more than ever I can get to my weight goal. If you guys having yet please follow and reach out to @esquireinlove for better you."
1:1 Client & 6 week Challenge
Esquire fitness is the right balance between accountability and understanding. During my journey Sophia has been more than patient in guiding me through mental and physical “set backs” without making me feel judged or defeated. She answers questions in a timely detailed manner and makes the transition into a healthy lifestyle simple and fun. ❤️
1:1 Client