What's your Goal?

I will help you change your lifestyle

Exclusive fun fitness formula workout programs for optimal results. I will educate you on how to exercise smarter and fuel your body to burn fat and begin to build the body you’ve always wanted.  I am a firm believer in body recomposition. We will work to shed fat and build muscle.
I will teach you how to eat and provide your body with optimal nutrition that rebuilds your metabolism and sheds unwanted fat.  Cooking healthy recipes and meals doesn’t have to be boring, I will teach you how to spice it up!
I’m a Mindfulness Believer
Real lifestyle change begins with a change in your mentality.  It won’t be easy but if you’re mentally ready, the journey will be easier and more fulfilling. I will help you restructure and reshape your mindset.
I will coach you one-on-one via the use of an exclusive app, email, and phone.  You will also have access to personal calls with me so we can discuss any road blocks and understand what your body will and will not respond to.  This will truly create a custom and unique experience because you will have full support!


Welcome!!  I help busy, professional women create better nutritional habits,  shed unwanted fat and, build lean muscle so that they can create long term sustainable lifestyles unlike current fad diets that encourage an unhealthy eating pattern that forces quick weight loss without a plan to stabilize the metabolism.  My program well redefine the way you view diets, change your mindset, provide a unique experience, and promote optimal health resulting in  providing you with real lifestyle change without the relapse.  I am a passionate former athlete with years of experience in health/fitness.  My program was developed from personal experience and helping others. I have heard the excuses and said them myself. I have tried the popular fad diets and have been frustrated by the lack of results.  Let me help you break free from frustration and embark on a truly rewarding health and fitness journey.

Sophia B


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